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Hi, my name is Roy Harris. I am a certified and highly experienced arrest and control, combatives, martial art, self-defense and functional fitness instructor. I’ve taught 500+ seminars and workshops in 25 countries around the world. I’ve been featured in various national and international magazines, produced several iOS apps and hundreds of instructional videos written a book as well as hundreds of articles on various websites.

If you or your team are looking for a structured, progressive, innovative and/or highly personalized approach to instruction in martial arts, self-defense, arrest and control, combatives or functional fitness (whether it’s private lessons, seminar or workshop), I am positive I can help you reach your goals!

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Roy Harris

The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man Book, Volume 1

Jiu Jitsu Answer Man Book

Since 1994, I have answered thousands of questions on various online forums, through Skype, Messenger, Facebook and email, as well as with personalized videos through smartphones on the subjects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Self-Defense, Filipino Martial Arts and various other styles. From theory to training to practical application, I’ve answered every question thrown at me!

In this book (The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man, Volume One), you will read the updated versions of the questions I’ve answered – beginning in 1994 and up until recent months. In this volume, there are 192 pages of content.

In this book, I answer twenty-two important questions, show ten new articles, share ten fascinating stories from my travels around the world as well as show you a handful of never-before-seen video content!

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Informative Videos

Since 1994, I have produced 300+ instructional, informative and entertaining videos. I have also participated in a variety of interviews on various forums and websites.

The videos you see on the Videos page are but a small portion of the  videos I have produced over the years.  As time goes on, I will add more videos to this collection!

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Roy Harris Apps


Since 2008, I have produced a few handfuls of iOS instructional apps. These apps have received numerous positive comments about the quality of content on them.

More apps will be added to the current set. I will update you on the new ones in my blog.

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