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I will help you develop useable, repeatable and measurable skill sets quickly and more efficiently than any other instructor! And, I can do so in the following training areas:

Self-Defense, Functional Fitness, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Arrest and Control, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Defensive Tactics and more…


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My name is Roy Harris and I have an extensive background in martial arts, self-defense, arrest and control, defensive tactics, firearms, functional fitness and military combatives. I’ve taught nearly 600 seminars internationally, been featured in national and international magazines, been interviewed on numerous podcasts, produced several iOS apps, produced hundreds of instructional videos, written a book and had it translated into Spanish, and, I’ve written hundreds of articles for various websites.

If you or your team are looking for a structured, progressive, innovative and customized approach to instruction (whether it’s private lessons, seminar or workshop), I am positive I can help you solve your problems and reach your goals!

If you have questions or comments, feel free to email me here.

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My Blog

December 2017 Update

As 2017 closes out, I began thinking back to the successes and failures, goals reached and unreached, and many other things. I am happy to say I have more smiles than frowns when I look back on 2017. So, I give myself a report card and a grade of somewhere...

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Jiu Jitsu Answer Man Book

My book, "The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man, Volume One" (Printed Version) is now available for sale. Click on the orange link to order: "The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man" This updated version is packed full of 293 pages of good information!   Table of Contents Chapter 1...

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September 2017 Update

  I. Harris.Academy facelift. II. Current list of instructors. III. More facelifts. IV. Jiu Jitsu Answer Man Book   I. The Harris.Academy website got a facelift. Here it is: Harris.Academy   II. Here is our current list of instructors: A. Brazilian Jiu...

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Tip of the Day #2

The focus of today's Tip of the Day is on the use of the rear leg round kick. One of the most common errors I see in students is they do not rotate their body enough through their intended target when they use this kick. What happens is they end up leaving...

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HJJ White Belt First Stripe

Harris Jiu Jitsu White Belt, First Stripe, Curriculum - Public Version   I. Lineage A. Iso Mataemon Masatari (Founder of Tenjin Shinyo-ryu Jujutsu) B. Kano Jigoro (Founder of Judo) C. Tsunejiro Tomita D. Mitsuyo Maeda E. Carlos Gracie
 (Founder of Gracie...

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Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks Podcast

Here is a recent interview I did with the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks Podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the host. We covered a variety of topics and had a lot of fun on the show. I hope you enjoy listening to it! Roy...

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My Apps

Since 2008, I have produced a few handfuls of iOS instructional apps. These apps have received numerous positive comments about the quality of content.

More apps will be added each year. Click on Go to App Store button to see which apps are available, on sale and updated!


My Book

Since 1994, I have answered thousands of questions on various online forums, through Skype, Messenger, Facebook email and over the phone, as well as with personalized many instructional videos I have delivered through smartphones on the subjects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Self-Defense, Filipino Martial Arts and various other styles. From theory to training to practical application, I’ve answered every question thrown at me – including the question “Which sports bra do you recommend for training?”!

In the Kindle version of this book (The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man, Volume One), you will read the updated versions of the questions I’ve answered – beginning in 1994 and up until recent months.

In this book, I answer important questions, share new articles, and add fascinating stories from my travels around the world!

• If you’d like to preview the table of content for the book, as well as see a few excerpts, click here!

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My Videos

Since 1994, I have produced 300+ instructional, informative and entertaining videos. I have also participated in a variety of interviews on various forums and websites.

The videos you see on the Videos page are but a small portion of the  videos I have produced over the years.  As time goes on, I will add more videos to this collection!

Click on the “More Videos” button below and enjoy!

Upcoming Seminars


• Saturday, January 27: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workshop at Baja Jiu Jitsu Academy in Mexicali, B.C., Mexico

• Saturday, February 10: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workshop at Boxing Inc. in Tucson, Arizona

• Saturday, February 24: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workshop in Minneapolis, MN

• Friday-Monday, March 2-5: Jeet Kune Do, Level 3, Instructor Course in San Diego, CA ($400)

• Saturday-Tuesday, March 10-15: Jeet Kune Do, Level 6, Instructor Course / Workshops / Private training at Adaptive Movement Parkour in New Britain, CT ($400)

• Saturday, April 28: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workshop at Canadian Martial Arts Centre in Lethbridge, AB, Canada


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