Host A Seminar


Are you interested in hosting a Roy Harris Seminar at your facility or other location? If so, here are a few things you will need to consider:

1. Cost of the seminar – Will it be a martial arts seminar? A law enforcement seminar? Payment should be in US dollars (cash or check).

NOTE: The cost and time involved in martial art seminars are different from law enforcement or military consultations.

2. Arrangements beforehand – We should discuss all of the details of the seminar at least eight (8) weeks in advance of any potential seminar dates. This will give you time to prepare and advertise properly. It will also give your students and potential attendees time to look at their schedules and determine their availability. Now, we can do this on shorter notice if there is an open slot in my schedule. However, I recommend doing this far in advance to make sure I have an open slot in my schedule.

3. Travel, hotel and food – These are required and paid for by the seminar host. Also, I no longer stay in the seminar host’s home. Too many “interesting” stories.

4. Deposit – If you have not hosted me annually for a seminar, a 25% non-refundable deposit will be required to place the seminar on my schedule and hold the date. This is required because too many hosts in the past have cancelled last minute. So, if you want to host a seminar, you will need to send a deposit through PayPal.

5. Airport – The seminar host is responsible for picking me up from the airport when I arrive. He or she is also required to bring me back to the airport after the last day of the seminar.

6. Seminar topic – The seminar host can choose the topic.

7. Length of the seminar – Each day of training should be between two and three hours in length.

If you have questions about hosting a seminar because you are truly interested in hosting one, feel free to email me here.

Thank you for your time,

Roy Harris