Here is a short list of resources we currently have available. More to come in time:


Book – The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man

Facebook – BJJ over 40 Academy

Facebook – My personal page (lots of content)

Harris Academy – Online Training in BJJ (and eventually JKD, FMA, Functional Fitness and Self-Defense)

Harris International – My main business website

Instagram – Roy Harris website – Glimpses of atheism, meeting Christ, miracles, hypocrisy and more

Seminar / training schedule – A glimpse of a small portion of my teaching schedule

Testimonials – What others have said about their experiences with me

YouTube Channel – Excerpts from instructionals, tips of the day and more…


If you have questions or comments, please email me here.

Roy Harris

“A leader is an individual who is willing to take responsibility for results.”

Brian Tracy