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A Surprise…

For those of you who just so happened to scroll down to the bottom of this page, I will share with you a couple of short excerpts from my book, “The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man, Volume One”. Here they are:

Story #10: The Ultimate Style, Part Two

Several years ago, I was teaching a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu group class at my academy. One of my purple belts asked a question about my thoughts on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self-defense. Here’s how our conversation went:

Student: “Mr. Harris, don’t you think that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the best style of martial arts for self-defense?”

Me: ” Uh…no. Not even close. Here’s why…” I started to explain why I thought this way.

The purple belt cut me off right at the beginning of my explanation.

Student: But I think…”

The student had a lengthy argument. When he finished, I responded.

Me: “Please. Come here. I’d like to show you something. Obviously, I am a black belt and you are a purple belt. I want to show you something you’ve probably never considered before. Put me into your guard and do whatever you want to do. Hit me, arm lock, choke, leg lock or sweep me. Do anything you want to do.”

What happened next was memorable.

As this purple placed me inside of his closed guard, I went to my position (something I specifically use to defeat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but something I never use within the sport). Once I obtained my position inside his guard, I waited for him to struggle for a while. I waited until this purple belt gave me the appropriate pressure and movement. Once I felt what I needed to feel, I bit him on his left nipple– not hard, but just enough to let him know “I’VE GOT IT” and that I’m not letting go. I held onto that nipple with my teeth for roughly 30 seconds– which is an eternity when someone has a mouthful of your nipple. During the bite, the purple belt yelled and screamed and tried to get away from me. But, because of how I had positioned myself, he could not get away from me. So he had to endure the bite.

When I let go, I apologized for biting him, but I also told him the following:

“Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a phenomenal sport, but you must remember that it is only a sport. Even the self-defense method doesn’t teach you how to effectively deal with the bite. All of your training did not prepare you to deal with the way some people fight on this planet.”

Student: “Can I try it again?”

Me: “Sure,”

We started from the guard (he on his back and me inside his guard). But this time, he placed the heel of his right hand against the left side of my face and pushed my head away from him.

Me: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Student: “I don’t want you to bite me again.”

What happened next was also memorable…

The rest of the story can be found here.

Secret #3

Here is an example of the kind of updates I provide to my Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors. This update was taken from June of 2014:

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