Today’s Tip of the Day focuses on a method of training for all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over 40 practitioners.

The method I show teaches the practitioner how to anticipate a particular point in time that happens a lot during sparring. The point in time occurs when you know the opponent is very close to passing your guard and you have to change from guard control to domination of position I call, “No Man’s Land.” When this transition begins, it will be important AND imperative for you to place your top hand into the collar and into the position I teach on this video. Doing so will help you control this transition!

How do I know this will work? I know for two reasons:

1. I have used this method numerous times on guys much heavier and more athletic than me.
2. I have taught this to numerous guys over 50 and they all have used it with great success.

Here is the video:


Good training to you,

Roy Harris

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