Old and New Videos

1. TWIBJJ Episode 98 with Roy Harris Part 1 of 2

2. TWIBJJ Episode 98 with Roy Harris Part 2 of 2

3. Interview with Sensei Michio Grubbs

4. Excerpt from BJJ Brick Interview

5. Interview with Sifu Nik Farooqui

6. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar excerpt in Granby, QC, Canada (Part One)

7. Roy Harris vs. Jean Jacques Machado

8. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over 40 training

9. Roy Harris rolling with Rob Lewis 2002

10. Roy Harris rolling with Roy Dean

11. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor training in Norway

12. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp in Canada

13. Scarf hold escapes

14. Old Harris Academy promotional video

15. Old Harris Academy highlights video

16. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over 40 intro video

17. Chokes and Sweeps seminar excerpt

18. Arm and wrist lock seminar excerpt

19. Guard Passing Simplified, Part One, online course excerpt

20. Functional Wrist Locking online course excerpt

21. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu summer camp in Germany

22. Roy Harris 1996 grappling match in Los Angeles, CA

23. Functional trapping app excerpt

24. Old mount escape instructional from 2000

25. The Best of Roy Harris Jiu Jitsu trailers

26. Guard retention / Guard passing drills Norway

27. Guard Passing Seminar in San Diego Excerpt

28. In-Home Private Training Excerpt

29. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over 40 Workshop Excerpt in Canada

30. Harris International BJJ and Grappling Instructor Update

31. Purple Belt Exam Overview

32. Trondheim, Norway Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

33. Jeet Kune Do Training Ideas

34. Counters to the R.A.T. app excerpt

35. Sparring in Poland

36. Focused and Isolated Sparring in JKD

37. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar excerpt in Granby, QC, Canada (Part Two)

These are the videos I have listed as of Thursday, November 17, 2016. More will be added each month!

Roy Harris