Upcoming courses and seminars…
Here is my current schedule for 2023 seminars:
• March 18: “The One Thing” BJJ Seminar at Ronin Martial Arts Academy in San Diego, CA, 12-4pm.
• March 25: First-ever, BJJ Over 40, Level One, Online Instructor Course. Email me for details. Those who’ve already emailed me will a response by this Friday, March 3.
• April 1: CQB II Seminar at the Harris Academy in San Diego, CA. This is a follow up seminar the previous Close-Quarter Battle!
• April 7-8: BJJ black belt training and BJJ seminar at Canadian Martial Arts Centre in Lethbridge, AB, Canada.
• April 13-15: BJJ Over 40, Level Five, In-Person, Instructor Course in Naples, Florida, at Lewis BJJ Training Facility.
• April 22: Harris International BJJ and Grappling Instructor-Only Online Training workshop. I will introduce everyone to the new FBIAO Method as well as share some insights on how they can help you and your team. Text me for the details ☺️
• April 29: BJJ Over 50 seminar at Harris Academy, San Diego, CA.
• May 27: Preparation for BJJ brown belt seminar as well as a Find, Set-up, Secure and Finish the Collar and Bare-Arm Choke Seminar at UABC University in Mexicali, BC, México 🇲🇽
Coming on Friday, March 17, I will have a special announcement. I look forward to sharing this good news with you!
Also, I will have more info about local and remaining seminars in the next couple of weeks (as today is the last day to sign up for any travel seminars) ☺️
Have an awesome day!