My background

Here are some highlights of my martial arts pilgrimage:

 • Since 1981, I have completed extensive, hands-on, training in twenty-seven (27) styles of martial art with fifty-one (51) instructors.

• I have achieved the prestigious rank of Coral Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as obtained numerous black belts and instructor certifications.

• Having taught 793 seminars in 24 countries (as of May 2024), I’ve been able to positively impact 130+ businesses as well as thousands of clients.

• My list of students and clients is long (e.g. politicians, CEOs, SEALs, housewives, professional MMA fighters, physicians, pilots, sororities, various military and law enforcement groups, senior citizens, Native American Tribes, NFL players, etc..).

• I was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2007 for my contributions!

• I have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, radio shows, and podcasts! I even appeared on a syndicated television show entitled “Don’t Be A Target: A Television Guide to Crime Prevention” as a self-defense expert.

• Between 1994 and 2005, I spent one to six hours a day answering self-defense and martial arts questions online on various martial arts forums. I did so without charging a fee. I collected a very small portion of this writing and put it into a book. This book became a best-seller on Amazon.com!

 With all of this knowledge and experience, I can put together customized training programs for my students and clients. If you’d be interested in talking more about this, send me an email. I’m confident I can address and help solve your problems!

Roy Harris