Mr. Harris

I have now been training at your academy for 3 and a half years. I started training at the academy when I was 13 years old. Before that, I trained in Kenpo karate for 6 years and achieved the rank of 1st-degree black belt. My experience at your academy has been nothing but a positive influence on my life.

Every time I walk into the academy, I feel I am part of a family that can help me with anything I need in my life. Not to mention that I learn something new every single time I go and train.

Everyone who starts training starts for a reason. My reason was because I didn’t want to get picked on at school anymore by the neighborhood bully and I wanted to learn how to fight so I could beat him up. However, once I started training and learned something I never needed to go and get my revenge on the neighborhood bully. And now that I have been training for close to 10 years, it has become a major part of my life.

The academy is a part of something I can always look to for help and just a fun experience. I have learned so many different techniques that could be used in a million situations such as in a street fight, a professional fight, for a good workout, or just to show my friends some interesting things.

With mixed martial arts becoming such a huge sport in these days, it’s like the new boxing. Starting to train as a teenager is a great thing cause you learn these techniques, and yea you might not be the biggest person in class. However, it will make you focus on technique and later on in life once you do have the size, then the technique and size to execute the technique to a better extent.

At the academy Mr. Harris only allows the best of students to instruct the classes. While being taught, you also will learn different nuances of the art through your training partners.

Joining the academy was one of the best things I have ever done in my life because it feels like a family that I am part of for life. Also, it helps me progress as a martial artist in any way that I would like to.

Alexander Stanich