Mr. Harris,

I wanted to put something in writing that you could perhaps post someday. What I want to talk about is the “Feel” of the Harris Academy. Having trained most of my adult life, I’ve had the opportunity to spend substantial time at other schools. There is something markedly different at your academy, the “Feel”.

I never felt intimidated at your academy, EVER! Even though I have worked out with some highly skilled veterans at your academy, I always felt protected by their skills, not hurt by them. This is what I call the Harris “Feel”. Your insistence on cooperative training makes for an environment that keeps the injuries down, and the ability to learn up.

Like most people, I have a job, a family, and responsibilities outside of the Academy. I need to attend to those priorities, as well as train hard, which means injuries have to be kept to a minimum. I like the fact we can ramp it up and go hard at times, but my training partner will be always watching out for my welfare. It may not make sense to the casual reader, but I have been choked, arm barred, leg locked, heel hooked, punched, kicked, thrown, and much more, but all done “Harris Style”.

There are some very tough guys and gals throughout Harris Academy. Champion Cage (MMA) fighters, world-class Jiu Jitsu players, a world-ranked Pankration medalist, and the rest of us. Those of us who want a fun, friendly, and safe environment. Who have a chance to work out with the highly skilled, but will come home injury-free.

The Harris Academy “Feel” = Trust, Respect, Cooperation, Family.

Warmest Regards,

Al Lowrimore