If you ever get a chance to meet him go to Mr. Harris’ seminars… i never…never saw a guy like him teaching the ground game so perfectly in details.. he is really explaining you how and when and where to put your body.. great techniques… not only a perfect teacher also an still very good fighter.. and he is not training so much in condition like we do but after 10 minutes i am tired because of his body pressure… like stories… an black or brown belt came once to his school and roy really played with him and shows him his stuff… later when he came back to his school the guy was still sitting there and just said i cant believe how you played me and was nearly crying…. the same strange feeling to me and my training partner..like i would never have trained on the ground… damn this guy is always one step ahead.. he also trained with rickson and he just said he is always tight and you just feel his pressure.. the same like him..he is so tight, no space and you always have the whole pressure on your body…amazing… today he explained the techniques of the mata leao.. fuck.. between one or two seconds my friend passed out.. and that badly he didn’t just sleep his body was chacking.. i said fuck what happened there.. he even didn’t finish the choke.. then he explained this to me.. and just one arm and the second..and I can’t remember nothing more.. I felt maybe in 1 second to sleep.. amazing… I never saw that.. and you know I saw a lot of people… he really knows where to put his body and his arms, etc.. to get the pressure on..but just because he always is searching and training the things… some people just go to the school and are doing what their teacher is telling them… but don’t think for themselves did I really did the technique good and perfect…. because of the details… like if you choking someone, it’s not just all about the arms.. also the legs of your body where to put them…how ! to get the best pressure out of your body.. he showed us the stuff and we did it, but just because he was there and let us feel the difference… and than we know how to do the things… this guy is amazing..but too long story.. he has an website go to it… www.royharris.com.. you can download some stuff.. and also his new on website there he will have an online learning section.