In the spring of 2003, I finally finished my schooling, and with a modicum of free time now available to me, I wanted to get back into the Dojo. My brother Al Lowrimore had been telling me for many months about a martial arts instructor named Roy Harris whom he had begun training with, and felt that he was one of the most qualified instructors he had ever met. Al invited me to attend an Edged Weapons Seminar that Roy was conducting on a Saturday morning, to check him out for myself. Needless to say, I was impressed. After the seminar was concluded and we were heading home, I mentioned to Al, “I don’t get wowed or impressed very easily, but WOW!”

Without a doubt, Roy Harris is the most competent instructor I have ever trained or studied under. I’m honored to be associated with Roy Harris, Harris International, and the fine instructors and students who make up this wonderfully unique organization.