Roy Harris is a teacher’s teacher. He is not only gifted with tremendous depth and scope of martial arts talent in general, but more importantly, he is able to communicate this experience to each student.

I feel uniquely qualified to judge this ability having been trained by some exceptional instructors and having received teaching awards from the UCSD School of Medicine and the Navy Emergency Medicine Program.

Roy is able to dissect complex drills into understandable components, make the nebulous into something tangible, then put it all together in the “big picture”. Every class seems to bring a new revelation where to paraphrase Bruce: “A punch is no longer just a punch, a kick is no longer just a kick, an arm bar is no longer just an arm bar.” By the end of class, the astute observer will realize that Roy has brought the punch back to just being a punch, a kick just a kick, an arm bar just an arm bar.

I have recommended Roy to dozens of martial arts enthusiasts individually and am delighted to endorse him in this forum.


Jack C. Yang, MD