“My first Jiu Jitsu learning experience came shortly after the first UFC was aired. In the convenience of my friend’s home, several of us took semi-private lessons from Roy Harris. Roy traveled to Chula Vista twice each week and taught us Brazilian Jujitsu. We learned things such as white belts that were not being shown to our other friends who were training in other Jiu Jitsu schools. Every few weeks one of us would come back to our lesson sharing about a workout with other friends where we were tapping out blue and purple belts! Inevitably, Roy went on to open several schools and travel around the world teaching students this fabulous art. Over the last twenty years, I have not been surprised to see his success. Roy always has a personal touch. Imagine Roy coming to your home and teaching you privately—just like I had it all of those years ago—now it’s happening again! Don’t miss the opportunity, the convenience, and the richness of having private or semi-private sessions in your own home with the master teacher himself: Roy Harris. Priceless.”

Dr. Ernest Mendes
Author, Organizational Psychologist