Thank you so much! I stumbled upon your site just before Christmas, and I asked you to pray for a job promotion. I signed the documents today–I got it! It will change a lot of things: I won’t ever have to work a Sunday, so church will never be interrupted. I won’t work holidays, so I can be home with my family. I will get a raise that will cover most of what my wife made at her jobs before she got laid off–and we’ll be breaking even and possibly be able to start replenishing our savings account after several unfortunate circumstances.

I appreciate that you were so great to someone who you have never met, in a different country with something that didn’t impact you directly.

Thank you very much. (Mind you, it may eventually affect you, because I’m going to ask my family for your BJJ DVDs for Birthday and Christmas!).

Thanks a ton,

Gordon A.

British Columbia