“For the past year, I have been focusing my training on Mr. Harris’ Americana technique and training methods. It has been an interesting path for me. Other students have asked me why I always try to use that particular submission instead of the other, “more fancy or popular submissions.” Many students don’t understand or consider the Americana technique as a great submission – at least not until they saw and experienced that I could do it to almost everyone in the class – only then did they become curious!!! I am proud to say I have had great success with it. I am controlling larger and stronger individuals and am finishing them more consistently.

“As a female, I often struggle in sparring because the majority of my training partners are bigger and stronger males. Trying to escape their hold-downs can be difficult. And, trying to control them from the major control positions or trying to finish them with a submission can be extremely difficult. But thanks to Mr. Harris’s training and advice, I have made a lot of progress in this last year!

“So if you are looking for a structured way to practice, improve, and polish your escape, control, and submission skills, I highly recommend Professor Harris’s training!”