“I began traveling from Denver, Colorado to San Diego, California to train privately in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Professor Harris back in the summer of 2018. I reached out to Professor Harris because my martial arts injuries had started to interfere with other parts of my life: On one hand, I teach martial arts and often spar (e.g. MMA and boxing) and roll hard with bigger, stronger and younger training partners. On the other hand, I am a dad who prioritizes playing with my kids and frequent injuries interfere with that.

“After my first private lesson with Professor Harris, my injury rate dropped significantly. Because Professor Harris’ teaching improved my game so much, I began traveling from Denver to San Diego every three months.

“Currently, my injury rate has dropped to zero, my training partners submit me at least 85% less often – even with training partners whom I always struggled with in sparring. I can now neutralize the topside pressures from larger and stronger training partners. For years, this one position used to leave me injured and stiff-necked the day after.

“What I have noticed most after my training with Professor Harris is that I use a lot less strength and energy to gain superior positions and submissions. I never thought I’d understand these strategies and movements so deeply and with this degree of clarity in such a short amount of time.

“I find Professor Harris to be an approachable, patient, and generous instructor with an uncanny ability to communicate advanced concepts, principles, and techniques. I would highly recommend his training to anyone regardless of their current level of skill!”