Dear Mr. Harris,

I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for, and satisfaction with, my experience at the Harris Academy over the last seven months. The quality of instruction I have received, both from you and your associate instructors, has surpassed even the high expectations I had when I first arrived. More than that, however, I have found it to be the activity I look forward to most each week. Even after seven months I find I am not lacking for motivation or the desire to learn and experience more. This was honestly not what I expected when I began, just based on my own history of undertaking various hobbies and physical activities – I was sure I would probably burn out after 4 or 5 months and move on to something else. My enthusiasm has not waned one bit, however, and I look forward to a long, educational, and rewarding experience at the Academy.

I would like to make a special note about your fitness class. I am truly grateful to you for providing an environment that is not only extremely educational and enlightening, but also comfortable. I spent many years toiling in “meat-market” gyms, vying for machine time with gym bunnies and meatheads, only to experience inadequate and disappointing results. In a few short months you have totally transformed my knowledge of and outlook on physical fitness. I no longer have to drag myself to a workout session; in fact, I find myself eagerly awaiting the next chance I have to implement the new techniques and exercises I have learned. The physical changes in my body are also readily apparent, and I thank you both for my current state, as well as for what I know will be improved health for the rest of my life.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation for allowing me to work out with the advanced students during the JKD class the other week. I know I have not by any means achieved that level of experience yet, but it did whet my appetite for what I have to look forward to if I continue at the Academy, and I definitely look forward to (hopefully) many years of exciting and educational experience.

Thank you again for teaching and sharing your experience with me. I am truly grateful and can only hope that I am somehow able to repay you in some way at some point for the difference you have already made in my life.

Your humble and grateful student,

Sean Keating