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I have had the pleasure of training with Professor Roy Harris for over 20 years. I have done so at his academy, at the police department where I used to work and also in the privacy of my home.

Professor Harris has helped me become an effective police defensive tactic instructor and supervisor.

I have trained with great martial artists over the years but Professor Harris takes his instruction to a higher level. In addition to teaching techniques, he explains when, why and how the techniques work.

Professor Harris has been instrumental in helping me accomplish one of my most important goals…teaching police officers defensive tactics and techniques to help keep them safe!

On a personal level, Roy has been a great friend and mentor!

Keith Blackburn

Vice Mayor, City of Carlsbad

Thanks to Professor Roy Harris, I no longer fear getting tapped out by younger, faster, and stronger lower-ranking BJJ belts.  His training has allowed me to frustrate higher ranking belts (yes, even the black belts). And because of this, I enjoy rolling every single time I am on the mat – because I am able to do so without injury!

Professor Harris has developed a unique system for me. He drives all the way from San Diego once a month to teach me at my home in Orange County. He shows up at my house, on time, and even BRINGS THE MATS WITH HIM!  We train in my garage in a 10’X10′ space for 60 to 75 minutes each session.

What I like most about the private in-home training Professor Harris provides is that all the time is spent on me, helping me to become better.

One private lesson in my home with Professor Harris is like several months worth of group classes.  My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game is elevated to a new level after every session because of the individualized attention he provides.

If you have the time and want to quickly improve your Jiu Jitsu skills, schedule a private lesson with Professor Harris. You will not be disappointed!

Michael S.


I began traveling from Denver, Colorado to San Diego, California to train privately in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Professor Harris back in the summer of 2018. I reached out to Professor Harris because my martial arts injuries had started to interfere with other parts of my life: On one hand, I teach martial arts and often spar (e.g. MMA and boxing) and roll hard with bigger, stronger and younger training partners.  On the other hand, I am a dad who prioritizes playing with my kids and frequent injuries interfere with that.

After my first private lesson with Professor Harris, my injury rate dropped significantly. Because Professor Harris’ teaching improved my game so much, I began traveling from Denver to San Diego every three months. 

Currently, my injury rate has dropped to zero, my training partners submit me at least 85% less often – even with training partners whom I always struggled with in sparring. I can now neutralize the topside pressures from larger and stronger training partners. For years, this one position used to leave me injured and stiff-necked the day after.

What I have noticed most after my training with Professor Harris is that I use a lot less strength and energy to gain superior positions and submissions. I never thought I’d understand these strategies and movements so deeply and with this degree of clarity in such a short amount of time. 

I find Professor Harris to be an approachable, patient, and generous instructor with an uncanny ability to communicate advanced concepts, principles, and techniques. I would highly recommend his training to anyone regardless of their level of skill. 

Jack Gialanella

University Instructor

I have known Professor Harris for over 26 years.  I taught an arrest and control class to him when he went through the Police Academy.  He was an excellent student.  I learned he already had an extensive background in the martial arts.  I began training with him and have been his student ever since that time.  He is one of the best instructors I have experienced in my 47 years of practicing martial arts.  Not only is he an expert in many styles of martial art, but he has a unique ability to simplify his lessons, thus making it easier for his students to learn in a minimum of time.

In 2015, I recommended that my police department hire him to be our lead arrest and control instructor.  Since that time, he has developed and taught a realistic training program for today’s law enforcement officers and the problems they face.  Anyone training with him will have an opportunity to learn from the best!

Don Partch

Retired Police Lieutenant, Chula Vista Police Department

For the past year, I have been focusing my training on Mr. Harris’ Americana technique and training methods. It has been an interesting path for me. Other students have asked me why I always try to use that particular submission instead of the other, “more fancy or popular submissions.” Many students don’t understand or consider the Americana technique as a great submission – at least not until they saw and experienced that I could do it almost on everyone in class – only then did they became curious!!! I am proud to say I have had great success with it. I am controlling larger and stronger individuals and am finishing them more consistently.

As a female, I often struggle in sparring because the majority of my training partners are bigger and stronger males. Trying to escape their hold-downs can be difficult. And, trying to control them from the major control positions or trying to finish them with a submission can be extremely difficult. But thanks to Mr. Harris’s training and advice, I have made a lot of progress in this last year!

So if you are looking for a structured way to practice, improve and polish your escape, control and submissions skills, I highly recommend Professor Harris’s training!”

Isis Torres

Chief Instructor, Sakura Jiu Jitsu Academy

Professor Harris,
Last week, close to my 61st birthday, I got my blue belt. A portion of it belongs to you.
Your defensive postures as outlined in your “BJJ Over 40” app kept me safe. Thank you!
Once safe I could start to apply the fundamentals from your video course called “BJJ Foundations.”
Once I could escape and sweep I could apply the elements from your “Guard Passing Simplified” course.
And, I now have a pressure game as my foundation. Thank you so much!
I’m looking forward to learning more from you in the future!
Please know that you are making a difference in people’s lives!

Iwan Jenkins

61 year old BJJ Blue Belt

If you’ve been looking for a “GAME CHANGER” in your training, stop looking and dive headfirst into Professor Roy Harris’ teachings.

No one has had a bigger impact on my Jiu Jitsu than Professor Harris. His private lesson training at my work as well as his online courses are unparalleled!

Professor Harris’s way of teaching is simply Masterful. The understandability of Professor Harris’s courses combined with his humor, passion, and knowledge generates world-class enjoyment

Thank you Professor Roy Harris!

Officer Hart

Deputy, Sheriff's Department