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Here is an example of a shortlist of topics I have taught over the years:

• Defensive and offensive blunt weapon training
• Awareness training and development
• Cloth and rope fighting
• Kickboxing (e.g. Chinese, American, Filipino, French, etc.)
• Trapping
• Clinch work
• Throws and takedowns for competition
• Throws and takedowns for competition for BJJ over 50
• Ground escapes/control
• Basic and advanced submissions
• Arrest and control
• Defensive tactics
• Functional fitness, specific to individual goals (e.g. police officers, MMA fighters, etc.)
• Self-defense (for women, large men, pilots, flight attendants business travelers, etc.)

With all of this experience, I can:

• Help you to train more efficiently and gain skill sets in a shorter period of time!
• Help you train realistically but with min