The FBIAO Method provides custom-made, one-of-a-kind, training and instruction in the fields of military combatives, arrest and control, martial arts, functional fitness, and self-defense. It has been presented to and used by military and civilian clients globally – at seminars, workshops, private lessons, and instructor courses! Here is an overview:

• The “F” stands for Fundamentals. These represent the elements of practice and training that lay a foundation for The Basics (e.g. definitions, positioning, postures, principles, etc.). And, they have very little to do with “technique.” There are twenty-nine (29) subcategories within our fundamentals.

• The “B” stands for Basics. These are all of the “How-tos” (e.g.  How to perform a jab, double leg takedown, how to disarm a knife, how to pass the guard, how to sweep a person from standing, how to perform a straight arm lock, etc.). There are eighty-two subcategories within our basics.

• The “I” stands for Intermediates. This is where students/clients learn how to turn their knowledge into skill. They also learn how to measure their progress incrementally!

• The “A” and the “O” are topics for senior students and represent the highest levels of practice and training!

I hope this short article has given you some insight into my FBIAO Method! Having used it since 2006, it has helped a lot of students gain skills more quickly than traditional means (i.e. learn a technique, practice it, drill it, and then try to spar with it).

Thank you for your time,

Roy Harris

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