Here is my seminar schedule for the rest of 2016:

August 27: BJJ over 40 seminar at East Wind Martial Arts in Riverside, CA

September 7-13: BJJ, JKD and FMA training in Chennai, India

September 16-17: BJJ, JKD and FMA seminar at Xtreme Training Academy in Bartlett, IL

September 24: BJJ, JKD and FMA seminar at the RockPile Academy in Anacortes, WA

October 17-21: BJJ and Law Enforcement Training at the Canadian Martial Arts Centre in Lethbridge, AB, Canada

October 29 – November 6: BJJ seminar and FMA instructor course at Trondheim BJJ in Trondheim, Norway

November 7-18: BJJ seminar in Poland

December 4-6: H.I. Family Gathering in Carlsbad, CA (Contact Roy) $100

Email me if you have questions. Or, if you are interested in hosting a seminar, please look at this page.

Thank you for your time,

Roy Harris