Harris Jiu Jitsu Private Lesson Example, Part 1

In this article, I’ll share the methodology I use to transform beginner-level Jiu Jitsu students into front mount escaping machines in just three weeks. My and my students’ success stems NOT from the techniques themselves, but rather from the detailed processes and training protocols used (i.e. My FBIAO Method ® ).


Technique-Based Lessons: Front Mount Escape


Level One Instruction (4 parts):

1. Trap your training partner’s right arm.

2. Trap your training partner’s right leg.

3. Execute a bridge and roll.

4. Finish with a strong base and posture.


In this introductory lesson, my objective is to immerse students in Jiu Jitsu, starting with the front mount—a position that is the easiest from which to escape and ideal for teaching students the importance of a detail-oriented mindset.


Level Two Instruction (10 parts):

1. Start with proper positioning and posture.

2. Fully trap your training partner’s right arm.

3. Fully trap your training partner’s right leg.

4. Elevate your hips as high as possible.

5. Roll smoothly over the top of your left shoulder.

6. Transition to your knees.

7. Spread your knees wide for stability.

8. Move your knees forward.

9. Position your hands and arms in Harris Jiu Jitsu posture #1.

10. Shift the weight of your body backward onto your feet.


Once students are confident with the essence of a technique, only then do I introduce them to a more detailed breakdown of the technique. I also teach them that effectiveness can be achieved with just these elements and a hint (i.e. small addition) of athleticism.


Level Three Instruction (35 parts):

1. Always start your sessions with the three most important mindsets in Jiu Jitsu

2. Adjust your upper torso slightly to avoid giving your training partner advantageous positioning.

3. Position your legs for optimal leverage and movement.

4. Utilize specific mat contact points as well as posture to maximize the amount of leverage over your training partner – even though he’s in a superior position.

5. Execute specific fundamental movements that will enhance your escape efficiency.

6-35. Detailed steps continue. They will provide a nuanced understanding of achieving more leverage with each step.


At Level-Three Instruction, students have become accustomed to focusing on nuanced details, as well as transitioning their practice into more in-depth training. This level not only refines their technique abilities but it also deepens their understanding of Jiu Jitsu’s principles and their application.

Let me stop here and write a question I’ve been asked several times.

The Question: “Are all thirty-five components necessary in order to become effective with this escape?”

My Answer: “No! If all you want to do is become effective with this escape, you can simply perform the essence of the technique (i.e. all four movements found in Level-One Instruction) and then add a bit of athleticism to it. With that, you will become effective. But, let me also say this before I let you go: When I gave you Level One instruction, you weren’t satisfied – because you sensed there was more. When I gave you Level Two instruction, you were amazed – and very curious to find out if there was more. And now that you’ve received Level Three instruction, and see how much work there’s going to be, you ask this final question. So, let me end by saying this: If a student TRULY wants to master this art – by having the ability to spar with younger, larger, stronger, and heavier training partners who also train in some grappling art – then they’re going to have to PASSIONATELY PURSUE leverage by learning, practicing and developing important and pivotal details!”

In part two of this article series, I’ll go into greater detail on some of what’s been written in Level-Three Instruction!

I hope this insight into the structured and progressive training I provide to my students/clients has been enlightening. If you’d like to pe deeper into your own training, email me at ro*@ro*******.com to schedule your private lesson. I can help you on your journey from where you are to obtaining the prestigious Coral Belt!

Thank you for your time,

Roy Harris

P.S. Do you have questions or comments about this post? Let me know in the comments below, by sending me an email, or by clicking on the social media icon above and writing to me there!

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