The Harris Jiu Jitsu Difference, P2

In part one of this series, I talked about one method of presenting the bridge and roll front mount escaping technique. I also shared a couple of Harris Jiu Jitsu training differences.

In this article, I’m going to show you a second method of presenting this most basic technique. I will also talk about and show you some more differences:

1. Establish and maintain the proper positioning of your body.
2. Establish and maintain Harris Jiu Jitsu posture #1.
3. Place your hands and arms into their proper position.
4. Bend the opponent’s right arm and pull his forearm onto your chest.
5. Fully trap the opponent’s right lower arm.
6. Fully trap the opponent’s right upper arm.
7. Fully trap the opponent’s right lower leg.
8. Fully trap the opponent’s right upper leg.
9. Bridge as high as you can.
10. Turn your body to the left and roll over your left shoulder.
11. Come to your knees.
12. Firmly establish base and posture.

While this one—hundred—and—five—word outline also has merit, it lacks in a few areas as well.

Harris Jiu Jitsu presents this basic outline for absolute beginners with a specific set of reasons. Once these reasons are explained and understood, what comes next follows logically! What are the reasons? They are all explained in great detail in my instructor courses.

Now, while these first two methods are similar, I hope you can see the difference between them.

In part three of this series, I will go over a third method. I will also explain a few more important points that will make training with a Harris Jiu Jitsu Instructor something you will want to do 🙂

Roy Harris

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